DrayTek Corporation, founded in 1997, is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of network equipment and management systems.

The Chinese name 居 易 (Ju-Yi) means staying peacefully where you are, doing things right and waiting for the opportunities to come.DrayTek always strives to provide reliable, fast and secure connections for SMBs, the professionals and the private market. Our mission is to provide high-quality and highly integrated network services at an affordable price and thus be a reliable partner in the field of network solutions.

Innovative DrayTek solutions
Together with its partners, DrayTek is continuously looking ahead and responding to developments in the market, so that new innovative solutions can be brought to the market.

The product line varies from products for the business market to all-in-one devices for the private market. DrayTek products are known for their quality and many functionalities, such as an extensive firewall, wireless solutions, VPN capabilities and solutions with multiple WAN ports for load balancing and fail over.

Extensive range
The DrayTek range consists of:
• Gigabit Ethernet routers
• Fiber optic routers
• VDSL2, Bonded and Supervectoring modem/routers
• DSL modem/routers
• LTE/4G solutions
• Gigabit PoE switches
• Wireless access points
• Management systems
• VPN Concentrators

This extensive range offers a suitable product for every application.

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